We’re at a point in society where just being a gentleman can be the premise of a sitcom.

David Hornsby created and stars in the new fall comedy How to Be a Gentleman. Based on the book by John Bridges and the lost art of chivalry, Hornsby plays Andrew, a men’s magazine writer obsessed with being a gentleman. He meets Burt (Kevin Dillon), a personal trainer who wants to toughen him up.

Now if being a gentleman is funny in a fish out of water way, how does Andrew function in a world where guys read The Game and practice The Mystery Method?  “Burt’s the kind of guy that would have The Game or have his own sort of game system,” Hornsby said after a Television Critics Association panel on Gentleman. “The gentleman’s game is just being a mannered respectful person. I think that’s where the two worlds collide. You have Burt dragging Andrew to a bar to pick up women. Giving a line to a woman can be a very tacky situation. So Burt has his own angle in to pick up women whereas Andrew tries to find the higher road.”

The fact that The Game and pick-up artist methods are effective flies in the face of gentlemanly behavior. Hornsby would stand by gentlemen’s methods. “Well, a gentleman can succeed in his own way in picking up women. Those techniques are used by a certain type of person. I don’t think it’s quite the gentlemanly thing to do. Yes, they do smack the face.”

Full disclosure, former Screen Junkies editor Patrick Schumacker is writing on How to Be a Gentleman with his $#*! My Dad Says collaborator Justin Halpern. Hornsby is glad to have them on board, particularly for the details of how a men’s magazine operates.

“They really have funny, unique voices. It’s great to have them on the show. They worked at Maxim literally so they’re sort of like the physicists that The Big Bang has, we have Justin and Patrick.”

How to Be a Gentleman comes to CBS this fall.