Comic book/graphic novel adaptation guru David S. Goyer has struck a deal with Showtime to take the graphic novel 100 Bullets from book to drama series. Goyer has established himself as a master of the genre, having done script work or written outright all three Blade films, all three Chris Nolan Batman films, and the upcoming Superman flick Man of Steel.

If you're not hip to the overwhelming world of graphic novels, the frequent news of their adaptation to film and TV probably doesn't resonate too much. This one you might want to pay extra attention to, as it's hard to find a graphic novel series more esteemed than 100 Bullets, a series of 100 issues made between 1999 and 2009. The series also lends itself well to casual readers, as the series has no superheroes or sci-fi slant. Rather, 100 Bullets is a noire story that focuses on one man who is hell bent on destroying a cartel of wealthy families. Oh, and the man who is tearing down the system has a guarantee that he won't be prosecuted for his vigilanteism. Cool.

There's no word on a schedule or casting, but expect news of both shortly, as this project is bound to make some noise, especially as Showtime has recently been able to shake the reputation of being "HBO Lite" when it comes to its series. (Deadline)