In a move that seems so intuitive that it feels like it happened two years ago, Modern Family has picked world-renowned analrapist David Cross to play a city councilman foil to Julie Bowen’s Claire Dunphy.

Parallels between Modern Family and Cross’ old stomping ground, Arrested Development have been evident since the former’s premiere two years ago, with both shows taking a similar deadpan approach to the time-tested television institution, the wacky family. While Arrested made its bones with sly, acerbic relationships between fundamentally bad people, Modern Family has found greater success (in terms of ratings, anyway) placing those subtle reactions in the context of good people who like each other. Crazy, right?

Cross made his mark on AD as Tobias Funke, the thinly-veiled homosexual therapist-turned actor mired in oblivion. While the edge he and the writers brought to that program will be tough to duplicate on the more-PG-rated Modern Family, Cross should be able to leverage enough innuendo to hopefully turn his season 3 stint into something longer, should it go over.

Also: Blue Man Group, taking chubbies, sucking them up, hide his thunder, leather daddy, Gothic Castle, how ARE you?, and Carl Weathers.

That should be good for now. (THR)