Two interesting actors are joining two interesting TV shows. Interesting? My verdict: "yes."

Fans of gritty badassitude, which I hope you are, will also likely be fans of this team-up: Danny Trejo and "Sons of Anarchy." The Machete star joins FX's motorcycle drama as Romero “Romeo” Parada, a charmingly kickass Mexican military man who will pal around with the SAMCRO crew. He also recently guested on ABC's"Modern Family," but I didn't see the episode. I assume him and Grandpa Al Bundy came to blows. (TVLine)

Meanwhile, Mos Def will do Showtime's "Dexter," and by that I mean he'll star on the actual show, not do his own sweded version. The actor / rapper will play a newly religious ex-con in multiple episodes. However, violence still seems to follow him wherever he goes, despite claims of being reformed. He joins previously announced Colin Hanks as one of the new season's villains. (Hollywood Reporter)