This whole time NBC has been struggling, but if they had just given Dane Cook a TV show, I'm guessing they would be on top of the world ratings-wise. Better late than never, though, as the douchey comedian has settled on a pilot for the fledgling network.

The pilot's name is Next Caller Please, and as one could guess, it focuses on Cook as an abrasive radio call-in show host, who's just a tad misogynistic. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE!

Cook's stock is an at all-time low, after backlash against several terrible movie roles was followed with a scathing review of his comeback show at the Laugh Factory a few months ago, so it will be interesting to see how the public and critics take to his show. "Interesting" in the same way that car crashes are "interesting" and how Civil War soldiers having to get their legs sawed off is "interesting."