Adhering to the adage "dress for the job you want" by parading around looking like a manic, slovenly comedy writer, Dan Harmon has apparently been able to find some new work after upsetting Chevy Chase, suggesting that perhaps Chase doesn't carry the same weight around Hollywood that he did during his Fletch and Spies Like Us days.

In addition to an in-the-works deal to run a multi-camera comedy for Fox, Harmon is now looking at a blind script deal for CBS as well. "Blind script deals" I've been told are not hilariously-positioned sitcoms about men with bad vision getting into wacky misunderstandings, but rather a sacred bond between studio and showrunner that tacitly say, "I TRUST you, fat bearded, unhappy showrunner. I TRUST you."

I hope he does a super-meta show about community college students. Just to be a dick.