Yesterday, Kiefer Sutherland caught wind that Party Down is getting that movie adaptation everyone wants. He then looked to the sky and screamed, "What about that 24 movie that only I want?"

Well, Kiefer got his, too. Like Party Down, the film will be a direct continuation of the series finale. Also like Party Down, very few people saw the series finale, so maybe they'll give us one of those "Previously...on 24" montages that lasts for 43 minutes, showing the audience so many double agents, betrayals, and "dammits" that their eyes will begin to bleed.

Kiefer is touting an April filming date, despite the fact that the project hasn't announced a director, nor has a script been approved by Fox. Mere details, I'm sure.

The film will once again follow Jack Bauer around during one of his trademark cuh-razy days, but with a run time of around 90 minutes, rather than the 18 hours. They might want to rethink that, though. Theater owners could make a killing off concessions should they make the movie 18 hours long.