D.L. Hughley And CNN Attempt The Already Attempted

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The Onion, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert are funny because they have come from comedy. The writers and producers have a comedic background, and have made careers out of intelligent humor. When you try to do funny news in the other direction—by starting with news and letting news people run the show—it’s always a disaster.  Now we have a new one, from D.L. Hughley and CNN.

Remeber the Half Hour News Hour on Fox News? It was terrible. And now CNN is taking a crack at it. Even the premise sounds like it was yelled at you by a very unfunny dude across a giant fertile crop of unfunnyness where migrant workers are hunched over, tirelessly harvesting unfunny berries:

"The basic premise of the show is, what if a guy like him was let loose in the CNN building for a weekend after the lights went off?"

I tell you what I’d do, and it would have nothing to do with creating a lighthearted, played-out take on current events. I would try to 1) find Jack Cafferty’s stash of Scotch and Texas Booger Sugar, 2 break open a vending machine with Glenn Beck’s Dell Laptop 3) sit at Solodad O’Brien’s desk and engage in inappropriate touching. With myself. In the dark. Stinking of Glenlivet and Funyuns and wiping my nose. That’s what I’d do. 

Here’s what D.L. had to say regarding the similarities to Stewart and Colbert:

"I’m big fan of both of those shows," Hughley said, "but I’ve got a different skill set. I’m not going to parody a news show or a news anchor. My show will reflect my views on things just as their shows reflect their views." For instance, as Hughley continued, "There have been six movies with a black man as the president, and in all those movies, the world was coming to an end. If this election isn’t art imitating life, I don’t know what is."

That doesn’t even make SENSE. I have a better idea CNN. Why don’t you spend a little less time thinking about how to entertain people and spend a little more time trying to ACCURATELY REPORT THE NEWS.

Variety plays the fiddle while Rome burns. 

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