In an effort to see how many 50 year-old men they can get to reach for the remote in disgust while mumbling about who puts this crap on the air, the CW has greenlit a musical chairs game show, which we initially reported was titled Extreme Musical Chairs. So now, the CW brings you Oh, Sit!, which is cute enough to make you momentarily smile and forget how f*cking stupid this show is going to be. This idea seriously had to have been picked up off the floor of the Portlandia writers' room.

After four months, the producers decided that while a game show depicting games of musical chairs was still an excellent, excellent idea, the name "Extreme Musical Chairs" didn't really shift the paradigm or speak to Joe Six-Pack. As such, they decided that the name should speak to a Joe Six-Pack, provided that Joe Six-Pack belonged to a Williamsburg softball league and that six pack was made up of Pabst tall boys.