‘CSI’ Spinoff To Amaze Old People With…The Internet

Wednesday, February 19 by
"Please stop asking me to 'enhance that image'. That isn't a thing."  

After having dazzled their audiences with tales of crime in New York, Vegas, and Miami, the producers of CSI have decided to visit a fourth place known for being inhabited with terrible sociopaths. The Internet.

The show, which doesn’t have a name yet, but will undoubtedly adopt something ridiculous like Net Force, will focus on “major crimes that start in the mind, live on-line, and play out into the real world.”

Just think about that. Crimes that start in the mind. Goosebumps.

No word on who will be cast yet, but undoubtedly, the producers have been sitting around a table, discussing that, and being forced to remind each other that, LL Cool J is not available, only to have someone asked about that Iced Tea fella.

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