While a name like CSI: Cyber may cause an entire generation (or several) to roll their eyes after having been subjected to enough "Can we enhance this image?" and cyber-bullying storylines, old people haven't gotten the memo yet.

And because old people watch CBS, they'll be getting CSI: Cyber. The show, the fourth installment of the crime procedural franchise, will undoubtedly focus on how touching a keyboard or looking at your niece's graduation photos will result in your identity stolen by al-Queda.

Patricia Arquette will star in the show, which I guess is news in that it's something you weren't aware of, but may not clear the bar of "something interesting or pertinent that needed to be share."

CBS has picked up four other dramas, so while they've stepped back from that ledge of Big Bang Theory and terrible three-camera sitcoms, some might argue that the cure is worse than the disease.

Let's all go watch cable now.