Craig Kilborn might be making his way back into the TV sets of America, and not in that lame "The Kilborn Files" thing he did on Fox affiliates last year. Kilborn and ABC have penned a development deal that affords him to write and star in his own primetime comedy show. Considering that the only acting we've seen from this guy was Kilborn essentially playing himself in Old School, expect this to be a "Seinfeld" or "Everybody Loves Raymond"-type show in which he will play his wiseass self.

After establishing himself as the funniest thing about "SportsCenter," Kilborn jumped ship to helm the first, non-political, incarnation of "The Daily Show," then skipped out on that to host CBS' "Late Late Show" until 2004. Since then, Kilborn has been almost completely off the radar, save for "The Kilborn Files" last year, which may or may not have aired, as no one will admit to having seen it.

Kilborn's pompous self-satisfaction, love it or hate it, will at least provide a compelling star on network TV during a time when ensembles seem to rule the roost. And there's also been a drought of handsome smiles since "King of Queens" went off the air. Maybe Kilborn can help with that, too. (Deadline)