Connie Britton has jumped on board Ryan Murphy's new FX horror show with the unfortunate title "American Horror Story." Eh. It's still better than"Glee." It' unknown at this time if Britton joined the project of her own volition or if she was scared of getting yelled at by Murphy for not participating.

Historically, horror TV programs have "sucked" (it's an industry term), which apparently Murphy realized as he promises to transcend genre as he did with "Nip/Tuck" and medical shows then with "Glee" and all those other shows about gay handicapped teenagers.

FX President John Landgraf refers to it as a “really complicated, interesting psychological horror show..." Interesting? I guess he doesn't want to oversell it. This news is surprising given this recent story that David O. Russell sold a secret show to FX with Connie Britton firmly attached to star. The only logical conclusion that one can draw from this paradox is that David O. Russell and Ryan Murphy are the same person. Which explains why they're both such big yellers. (THR)