Of all the Disney kids, Hilary Duff has the sweetest good girl image even by Disney standards. No scandals, no feuds, just wholesome music and family friendly movies (except for a few questionable paparazzi pics). So what did "Community" do to make her so nasty? She plays Meghan on this Thursday’s episode, leader of a Greendale clique who terrorize Britta, Shirley and Annie.

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“I think that it was fun for me to get to play a mean girl because it is so different than anything I’ve done before,” Duff said in a conference call with the media. “It was fun to play a character that acts super confident but it so shallow and scared inside. Dani Pudi’s character really brings out her weakness, chinks in her armor. I thought that was really fun to play, to be really tough but you do see how she is inside. Being the most popular girl at a community college is the most important thing to her. That’s really funny.”

The study group girls have a perfec weapon against Meghan. They train Abed (Pudi) to be the ultimate mean girl. “Basically Dani Pudi’s character turns into a robot and comes up with the greatest insults,” Duff said. “The mean girls are kicking them out of their spots at lunch, taking the best seats in class. Dani mutilates everyone with these horrible insults and he’s good at it. My character gets put in her place because he’s a robot and you can’t really fight that. There’s a scene where I have to walk into the school cafeteria, he ends up really embarrassing me and I leave. Obviously status is really important to my character and we go back and forth. It’s just funny because they’re in community college and they’re old enough to know better. Then his character ends up helping me regain my status.”

Being "Community," of course they go meta on Duff and her showbiz family.  “Ken Jeong actually, there’s a scene where I‘m storming out of the cafeteria and really embarrassed. He’s laughing so hard he squirts milk out of his nose. He calls it a snarf. It’s so disgusting and hilarious at the same time. I walk out, he blows the milk out of his nose and goes, ‘Oh my God, that girl looks exactly like Haylie Duff.’ My sister loves him so when I told her the story, she was dying.”

"Community" airs Thursday at 8 on NBC.