‘Community’ Scrapes The Bottom Of The Guest-Star Barrel With Tim & Eric And Mitch Hurwitz

Wednesday, October 30 by
Now we sit back and watch the rating skyrocket.  

It’s one thing to know your audience. It’s another thing to pander to them so shamelessly that your show turns into a self-indulgent meta-fest that essentially scares away casual viewers.

Of course, one could argue that this is the foundation upon which Community was built, and they would probably be correct. Additions to the “Adult Swim on NBC” program will spotlight “comedians” Tim & Eric (I put “comedians” in quotes because I don’t think they’re “funny”) and Mitch Hurwitz, who created a very funny TV show in Arrested Development, but that doesn’t mean he should be on TV.

Also, Dan Harmon has probably quit and rejoined the show four times since you started reading this, Donald Glover may appear depressed on Instagram but is really just sensitive, and Chevy Chase apparently broke on to set and urinated all over wardrobe.


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