‘Community’ Rolling The Dice For Dungeons and Dragons

Thursday, January 13 by

At the Television Critics Association presentation of “Community,” creator Dan Harmon was hard pressed to describe the upcoming special episodes. After a long diversionary preamble about avoiding the distinction between “conceptual” and “normal” episodes, Harmon dropped a 12 sided die.

“The group plays Dungeons and Dragons for an episode,” Harmon said. “There’s no elements of you seeing them in the woods running around swinging swords. They’re sitting at a table playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s stylized to make that interesting. Therefore it’s pretty cool.”

A lower concept episode still ends up being a change of pace for “Community.” “I consider it special when the camera’s not on Greendale’s campus for the entire episode,” Harman said. “There’s an episode coming up where Pierce is in the hospital. It’s shot a different way. It makes it a completely different feeling.”

“Community” airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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  1. January 13, 2011 5:59 pm


    Community is a very underrated show, but unfortunately it is located on NBC. Tough break

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