‘COMMUNITY’ LIVES!!!!!!!!! (On ‘Yahoo!’?)

Monday, June 30 by
They hate when you call them "webisodes." 

The fanbase’s rallying cry of “Six seasons and a movie!” just became one step closer to being achieved as a final, last, from-beyond-the-grave, post-cancellation season of the cult comedy Community will air on…









I’m sorry. “Yahoo!?”

Ugh. “Yahoo!” is a nightmare to punctuate. Yeah, the show is going to Yahoo! To air on the Internet. Streaming and such.

I’m sure there are lots of questions in response to this news, so let’s get to them:

All the principal cast members will return except for Jonathan Banks, Donald Glover, and obviously, Chevy Chase. The show will have roughly the same budget as on NBC, which is weird. There will be 13 episodes. They will air this fall.

And that’s about it. This show never seems to die, so a little more good news for its rabid, tortured fan base. Keep your head up, guys. You got 13 more episodes coming.

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