Comic-Con officially kicks off today, though it didn't have the start that anyone had hoped. At the panel and preview for Intelligence, a spy show on CBS starring Josh Holloway and others, showrunner Rene Ehcevarria failed to show up. Possibly due to a gross misspelling of the showrunner's name on his placard, possibly because of a traffic jam resulting from a jacknifed surfboard on the 5.

Occam's Razor suggests that Rene got really, really drunk last night and figured that old people don't own remotes and pretty much leave their TVs on CBS all day, so what's the point of hurting one's self with marketing to youngsters?

From the Deadline synopsis, the show sounds VERY CBS-y:
The show started with Holloway sneaking up on a satellite dish in the Himalayas to mentally tap into data and depictions of a terrorist attack and then being taken captive in a Pakistani military base – which of course he escaped from. It then shifted to Cyber Command where CSI alumni Helgenberger, who was walking around the Con yesterday, was introduced as Cyber Command director Lillian Stand. Once Upon A Time regular Ory plays Riley O’Neil, a Presidential detail Secret Service Agent assigned to protest the Gabriel character.