Zenoscope's graphic novel take on Alice in Wonderland, entitled simply, Wonderland, has emerged from a six-studio bidding war as a property of Lionsgate TV. If that phrase doesn't sound right to you, you're not alone, as Wonderland is among Lionsgate's first forays into television, aside from Anger Management, Nashville, and NBC's Dane Cook comedy Next Caller.

Brian Robbins, the executive producer of Smallville, one of those shows that you think was cancelled five years ago but is probably still on the air, will serve as EP of this new project as well.

No network has gotten on board with Wonderland yet, but expect (hope?) that it finds its way onto cable, as the adaptation is a sexual and dark take on the source material, which is actually pretty dark to begin with, though not all that sexual.

Sexy Alice? That sounds like a character tailor-made for Comic-Con.