Comic-Con 2011: Paul Scheer Films ‘NTSF:SD:SVU’ During Panel Discussion

Friday, July 22 by

Lots of actors bring clips of their shows to Comic-Con. A few minutes ago, Paul Scheer went one step further by actually filming a segment of his new Adult Swim show NTSF:SD:SVU during a panel discussion for the program.

After a brief introduction, Sheer and the rest of the cast took to the audience, filming a scene in which a terrorist steals a clip of The Hobbit and threatens to move the convention to Vancouver. The whole thing lasted about five minutes, and will probably only make for about 30 seconds of usable footage. That said, if you happen to catch the segment, be thankful that televisions only allow you to experience sight and not smell. The Adult Swim audience knows their humor, but they don’t seem to know about deodorant (I kid because I love…but honestly, it smells in here).

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