What's the big deal about Emmy Rossum's boobs? Well, for starters, they are big. Regardless, don't ask her about them. Apparently the Shameless star is tired of talking about her frequent on-camera nudity, as evidenced by her testy exchange with a Comic-Con Showtime panel moderator earlier this evening.

“It’s just a body, it isn’t anything," Rossum snapped in reply to a question about nude scenes. "It doesn’t say who you are inside. I think I revealed way more on this show in scenes were I got to be unattractive and lonely than I ever did in a scene where I was having sex with my boyfriend.”

Given the fact that Rossum believes she looks unattractive in certain scenes, I think it's safe to say she doesn't know what she's talking about. Even so, if she feels that showing off her cans is no big deal, then who am I to disagree?

In the end, the moderator smoothed things over by claiming he was actually referring to William H. Macy's ass, at which point Rossum laughed and agreed that it was a problem. What a hypocrite.