UPDATED: Colin Hanks To Take On ‘Dexter’ (And Probably Be Killed) This Season

Tuesday, May 10 by

UPDATE: Showtime has announced that Hanks will play Travis, a highly intelligent expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami. Will Dexter discover it was in fact The Relic?

Colin Hanks has kissed a lot of frogs and still not yet found that prince. Off the heels of the cancelled “The Good Guys,” it is being reported by TV Line that the Hanks son without a hilarious rap career will be Michael C. Scott’s foil in the upcoming season of”Dexter.”

As with past seasons, Showtime will divulge little information about Dexter‘s nemesis. I can’t say that Colin Hanks is a PARTICULARLY intimidating fella, so perhaps the threat he poses to Dexter will be in a more administrative or bureaucratic capacity? Maybe he threatens to tell on Dexter for some shoddy accounting work come tax time? I just see Colin as playing something of a dorky pest, rather than a rival serial killer.

According to Showtime president David Nevins, next season Dexter’s nemesis won’t be one particular character, but something of a group of characters, possibly reminiscent of “The Wire.” If that’s the case, I like Hanks as the lawyer or the accountant. Or possibly the male nanny.

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