CNN, having recently announced that they're cool with abandoning the whole "news" thing since their ratings are so shitty, took one more baby step away from their core competency today by picking up a Morgan Spurlock show, Inside Man, that drops the bubble-gum documentarian amidst subcultural sets in America and beyond, including migrant workers, pot growers, gun lovers, and other things that teenage boys will tune into. (What? Teenage boys are DYING to see the curtain pulled back on the migrant labor force. DYING.)

In response to my suggestion that this sounds an awful lot like his old FX program 30 Days, CNN publicists issued this statement:

Shut up, Penn. Shut up. Shut up.

While it's not exactly news, and Morgan Spurlock is hardly a bastion of integrity, most anything they could put in front of a camera, including a dead octopus, can be considered a move to restore the integrity the channel lost after picking up Piers Morgan.