‘Chuck’ Season 4 Intel: The Return of Linda Hamilton

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"Chuck" makes its return September 20, but we can give you hints about what’s happening in the episode airing October 25. They’re six episodes into the fourth season and we caught up with Zachary Levi while was on break doing some PR for his Disney animated film, Tangled.

Season three ended with Chuck coming clean to Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) about his spy career, and resigning from the CIA. The fact that there’s a season four means there must be more spying and more secrets, but they’re not jumping the shark.

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“[It’s going] much better than I expected to that extent,” Levi said. “Secrets are being kept but there’s still some transparency with it. So I’m not having to do the same thing I’ve had to do. It’s a little bit different. I can’t really talk about too much of it because, well, they can’t fire me or maybe they could.”

No Chuck fan was probably happier than Levi when Chuck told Ellie the truth. He was concerned that the fourth season would return to a formula of keeping secrets from his sister. Don’t worry, fans, they’ve got a whole new take on pulling things over on Ellie.

“There’s still a little bit of that but it’s done in a slightly different way. She’s still in on it to some extent so it’s not like a complete keeping her in the dark about things. She’s in on it.”

This season has Chuck’s mom (Linda Hamilton) return, forcing Chuck back into work. Levi hasn’t gotten to work with Hamilton yet because Chuck can’t find his newly discovered mom right away. Expect to meet Hamilton’s new character in the season premiere, and then again in episode six.

“She’s back now in episode six. She was in episode one. Now she’s in this one that we just started today. I can’t talk about it but she’s back. She is back in episode six.”

At least Chuck and Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) relationship is safe. They just got together, the last thing Sarah needs is kick-ass spy mother-in-law to deal with. “I think she just cares about Chuck.”

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