‘Chuck’ Intel: Chuck’s Sister and Captain Awesome In Action Next Week

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Next week’s new episode of “Chuck” brings Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie Bartowski-Woodcomb (Sarah Lancaster) into action. Premier Allejandro Goya (Armand Assante) returns to ask Awesome to come with him to his country, Costa Gavras. Ellie sees it as an exciting distraction from baby planning.

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“Last year I was the one craving excitement,” McPartlin said in a conference call with the media. “Not that I was bored with marriage but feeling complacent with our lifestyle. That’s when Armand Assante came in and I thought I’d save his life by tackling John Casey (Adam Baldwin). This year it’s fun they kind of flipped that and made Ellie the one who wants excitement and I’m the one who’s like uh oh, I know where this can go.”

The “Chuck” gang takes the trip to Costa Gavras, giving Lancaster a chance to play with all her costars. Usually it’s her and McPartlin or Zachary Levi at home. “It’s true, I think it’s always fun when they can create a creative way for all of us to be out of our independent houses and be on location together,” Lancaster said. “I think it makes the show really pop when we can all be in the same room together.”

Awesome will get to see the statue erected in his honor, and photos are already online. “My favorite thing about the statue is the writers couldn’t agree whether I had a shirt on or off,” McPartlin said. “He’s a doctor, of course he’d have his shirt on. But it’s a statue, he’d have it off. So they put the most skin tight shirt on where you could still see the muscles.”

Ellie seems pretty understanding of a coup d’etat happening on her vacation. She was the one who wanted Chuck to quit the dangerous spy business. Expect Ellie to come around to Chuck’s search for their mom (Linda Hamilton).

“The biggest issue at hand seems to be the mom situation, so I think that maybe is going to override Ellie’s anger, Ellie’s frustration or even Ellie finding out,” Lancaster said. “They’re doing it in such a way that that’s going to overpower anything Ellie has in regards to Chuck’s job. Everything’s been really focused on family and what the secrets were and it makes Ellie question growing up what she thought was real, what was going on. Also while she’s pregnant herself, it’s bringing up a lot of stuff, maybe being softer to the idea of her mother coming back than she would have been. It’s been a good ride for me so far this season.”

That baby is already playing a major role and it’s not even born yet. Just thinking about motherhood has made Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) freak out a little about her relationship with Chuck.

“I think that’s sort of our job is we’re always right up against Chuck and Sarah,” Lancaster said. “Sarah specifically has this right in her face visual of what marriage and life and carpool and normal jobs and all of those things is like. It’s staggering to her. I think they do that on purpose. We’re the anti-Sarah and Chuck and she’s sort of having to decide between which way her life is going to go and which way she gets pulled.”

While Mama Bartowski is on the run, Mama Awesome will return to interfere with Ellie’s pregnancy. “Mom and Ellie have to learn to deal with the roles each will play as a mother and a grandmother,” McPartlin said. “That creates a bit of fun drama.”

Starting Monday, Ellie Bartowski will be showing, with a prosthetic bump on display. “The baby belly is in full effect,” Lancaster said. “You will see it on Monday. It does take on sort of a life of its own though. I find myself rubbing it all the time even though it’s foam. I hold my back and it changes by posture.”

“Chuck” airs Mondays at 8 on NBC.

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