Christina Ricci Stars In 1960s Drama That’s Totally Not Just Like ‘Mad Men’

Tuesday, March 1 by

Two of Christina Ricci‘s recent big movies were Speed Racer and Alpha and Omega, so maybe it makes sense that she’s moving to television. The actress will make her first big TV project the pilot for ABC’s “Pan Am.” It’s a soapy drama that takes place in the swingin’ 60’s, about the lives of sexy stewardesses back when it was okay to call them that. And slap their butts in public.

Now I know what you’re thinking: 1960s drama? Swinging? Like “Mad Men?” Well, so far this project sounds nothing like”Mad Men.” Except that… uh, the central character in “Pan Am” also leads a double life.

Ricci will play the lead, Maggie, a fiery stewardess who is leading a double life – on duty she is a beautiful, perfectly groomed and poised stewardess, and off duty she is earthy, bohemian living among the beatniks and intellectuals of Greenwich Village.

We should probably also assume there’s a lot of drinking, infidelity, and who knows? Maybe a bunch of ad executives will become frequent fliers and we’ll hear all about how weird that new-fangled Volkswagon ad was every episode.

The folks in the cockpit are writer Jack Orman, director Thomas Schlamme and producer Nancy Hult Ganis, who was a former Pan Am flight attendant. That’s swell. (Deadline)

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