"Mad Men" fans will either be turned-on or freaked out by the photo to the left. (Click twice for larger version.)

On Playboy's Twitter account, they recently asked their followers to identify the blonde lady stradling that "cool," speedo-wearing dude's leg in this photo from 1999. The correct answer is Sterling Cooper secretary Christina Hendricks. It's hard to tell without her trademark red hair and a hallway for her to strut down while men whistle.

Now, on the one hand, here's super-hot early Christina Hendricks in Playboy. On the other hand, that clown is seriously freaking me out. I can laugh at juggalos, cause they take the scary clown schtick to a ludicrous extreme with their magnet raps. Plus, their beverage of choice is "Faygo," which isn't exactly a tough sounding drink. However, this clown is right out of Stephen King's It, so I don't care how much he loves to party, Christina and I are not sending him an evite! Isn't that right, Christina?

I'll just keep pretending she's here with me. (Jezebel)