Community is often referred to as a stellar example of "meta comedy." But don't tell that to actor Chevy Chase. He doesn't even know what the term means and jokingly said he has always considered Community to be more "poli." Considering the man starred in Fletch and has forgotten more about comedy than most of us will ever know, who are you to say otherwise?

During a round-table Comic-Con interview with Chase and 'Community' creator Dan Harmon, reporters (myself included) repeatedly used "meta" in reference to the show. Half way through the interview, Chase asked us what the hell we were talking about.

Chase: What does "Meta" mean?
Harmon: It's Greek prefix that means beyond or it really means nothing.
Chase: It's just a prefix?
Harmon: Yeah.
Chase: I thought our show was "poli," that's just a prefix.
Harmon: We're gonna be more poli this year. That's how we should respond to that question.

Chase also confessed that he had never heard of his new co-star Michael K. Williams, and that he has never seen The Wire, which is totally understandable. If I were him, I'd be too busy repeatedly viewing my own filmography to watch anything else. In fact, I'm going to go watch ¡Three Amigos! right now.