While chatting it up with the Sklar Brothers on the latest episode of Sklarbro Country, Jay Chandrasekhar discussed the joy of working with Chevy Chase on the set of Community. The Super Troopers director and star also makes a living by directing episodes of your favorite television shows like Arrested Development and the "Mixology Certification" episode of Community because the brilliant-but-poorly-received Club Dread isn't keeping the lights on. Says Chandrasekhar of working with God's gift to comedy:

The bits are in three parts: beginning, and move along, and payoff. ... So I said, "All right, Chevy, it's time to shoot the second part of the bit," and he goes "eh, you don't need it." And I'm like, "Yeah, yeah we need it, we need it." He goes, "Nah, don't worry about it, you don't need it." And I'm like, "Yeah, well, we shot the intro, we shot the payoff, we kind of need the move-along section." He goes, "Oh, I see, are you telling me about comedy?" And I said, "Well, you know, in this case, I actually am." He goes, "Go fuck yourself!" And he gets up and he storms off.

About ten minutes later, Chase returned and shot the scenes. Maybe he just really had to take a dump and was nervous about telling everybody. In Hollywood, admitting to pooping is considered a sign of weakness.

Chandrasekhar noted that they worked out their differences and he actually loves Chase. In that case, we look forward to reports of Chase storming off the set of Super Troopers 2. (via Vulture)