Charlie Sheen’s House Raided By Cops, Which Makes Sense

Thursday, March 10 by

This could be the biggest Charlie Sheen news since whatever the Charlie Sheen news was a couple minutes ago.

The LAPD were at Charlie Sheen’s house tonight. Wow, I’m as shocked as you are about that, and I’m assuming you’re not shocked in the slightest. Oh, and no, they weren’t there for the tiger blood.

An anonymous source inside the Sheen house, who I’ll call “Deep Throat” because it’s quite possibly a porn star, told TMZ (natch) the police were poking around. This has been confirmed. Apparently they got a call that he was threatening himself earlier today with a firearm. Ho boy. Having weapons in his home would violate the restraining order with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. However, the police ended their search, so I guess they didn’t find any bazookas.

Sheen quickly put a happy/psychotic face on the situation via Twitter:

“#fastball; the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!! c”

What a mixed bag for the LAPD. Someone gave them a public compliment, but it’s Charlie Sheen. (TMZ)

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