Yeah, we know he used to be a stripper. We saw Magic Mike. But that doesn't mean he has to produce a reality show about dancers. I mean, no one with any modicum of fame should produce a reality show about anything, unless you consider WWII documentaries "reality shows," in which case, Tom Hanks is allowed to.

The show will be about the entertainers at New Orleans' Saints and Sinners, which I guess is the most appealing setting for such a show. Oh, and Tatum owns the club.

Ahhh. This all makes more sense now. Tatum is using an inessential A&E reality show to promote himself. I guess that means he's just like the guys with the gators, the ducks, and the storage units.

I will reserve all criticism if the show contains a portly gentleman in overalls with a cajun drawl so thick, no one understands what he is saying. And he should be the star of the show.