CBS Totally Partially Concerned About Charlie Sheen’s Well-Being

Friday, January 14 by

The playa haters at CBS and Warner Bros still want to get “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen cleaned up. Problem is, how do you clean Charlie Sheen up?

Drugs, hookers, alcohol, porn stars, orgies, eating ice cream for dinner, not brushing his teeth before bed, wearing hats inside of doors, this guy is on a tare. Once a man has known the pleasure of wearing hats inside of doors there really isn’t any turning back. Now imagine how hard it is to turn back after learning the pleasure of wearing a stripper like a snorkel. Not very, I heard from a friend.

CBS Chief Nina Tassler is still concerned all the same. She tells journalists at CBS’s TCA panel, “I have a high level of concern. How could we not? The man is a father; he has a family.”

And those hookers really depend on him.

“You can’t look at it simplistically. Charlie is a professional. He comes to work. He does his job very well … On a personal level, I’m very concerned. On a professional level … the show’s a hit.”

She then drank champagne out of a prostitute’s navel as money rained from the ceiling. (Vulture)

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