CBS Might Spin Off A Female-Led ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Because It Would Probably Work

Thursday, October 31 by
This is a pretty funny photo idea for a sit-com.  

As How I Met Your Mother winds down in its final season, and as it enjoys a healthy life in syndication, CBS executives are naturally looking for a way to keep the show’s success going beyond the finale.

Naturally, that effort has morphed into a discussed spin-off. I guess it’s a spin-off. It would be more of a reboot with new characters, but those characters might be introduced in the series finale, so they better bust a move on getting this thing going, cause May’s on its way.

The HIMYM folks would this time team up with Up All Night‘s creator Emily Spivey for the female perspective.

Here’s to hoping she can find true love in less than nine seasons, and even if it takes that long, she’s not so whiny about it.

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