Jonathan Demme, having completely conquered the medium of film, has decided to try his hand at television by signing on to helm the pilot episode of an untitled medical drama for CBS. In addition to a title, the project is also lacking a cast, though it does have a premise and a script, courtesy of Erin Brokovich scribe Susannah Grant.

Demme hasn't done any sort of TV work in decades, but his pedigree in film is strong, to say the least. He scored a historic Oscar sweep (including Best Director) for The Silence of the Lambs and proved his relevance recently with the acclaimed Rachel Getting Married. While television is a different format, I don't think expecting greatness from his involvement here is presumptuous.

The CBS pilot focuses on a type-A surgeon whose world is turned upside down after his ex-wife dies and starts haunting him from the grave. But not "scary-haunting." More like "Casper-haunting" in that she teaches him life lessons and crap. Assuming it gets picked up, your grandparents' new favorite television show will be on CBS this fall. (Vulture)