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CBS Fall Line-up Includes J.J. Abrams, Kat Dennings, And 3 Old-People Shows

Wednesday, May 18 by

CBS has lowered the boom with their fall schedule today. They’ve shared with us a sitcom in the vein of “How I Met Your Mother” and”The Big Bang Theory,” a J.J. Abrams sci-fi/pre-crime joint, and three more shows that appear to be aimed at whatever demographic your grandparents’ grandparents are in.

Person of Interest” is the aforementioned J.J. Abrams show that follows around Michael Emerson (“Lost”‘s Ben Linus) as he stops crime…(wait for it)…BEFORE it happens. But don’t ask the producers how it’s different than Minority Report. They are very touchy about being accused of stealing ideas from the shows that they stole ideas from.

“A Gifted Man” follows around a brilliant man who develops a new appreciation for life after his dead wife teaches him lessons from beyond the grave. Also, the wife wants closure for something, so let’s join this couple as they search for an appreciation for life and for closure. *Fart*

How to be a Gentleman” focuses on a proper man (David Hornsby) who wishes to become more manly, enlisting the help of Kevin Dillon’s character along the way. If there’s anything CBS has taught us from “Rules of Engagement,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “The Big Bang Theory,” it’s that they know how to draw rich, dynamic portraits of men. It wouldn’t be presumptuous to begin getting EXTREMELY excited about this show RIGHT NOW.

2 Broke Girls” stars Kat Dennings as 50% of the title. She and an unlikely friend work as waitresses to raise money to start a business. I’m willing to bet that they also learn that it’s hard being on your own in the city and stuff. Hold everything: I just learned that one of the waitresses is a trust-fund baby. What a disarming juxtaposition!

“Unforgettable” stars something called a “Poppy Montgomery.” That name would lead me to believe that it would be a silent film, but the below clip demonstrates that there’s sound and color and everything. It’s about a sexy cop that has a near-flawless memory. However, the one thing she can’t remember is the very thing she wants to the most: the details surrounding her sister’s murder. That’s very unfortunate for Poppy Montgomery.

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     dave foley is in the gentleman one. that’s something

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