CBS Bringing Us A Sitcom About Aging Grunge-Rocker Parents

Tuesday, October 23 by

For that desirable demographic for whom Mudhoney was too obscure, and Amy Grant was too mainstream, CBS is developing a sitcom. With the name Smells Like Teen Spirit. Yes, like the Nirvana song! Very good.

It’s created by a Big Bang Theory writer so you know this new show will treat its subject matter with the same quiet respect that Big Bang Theory treats academia and the sciences. FLANNEL! SOUNDGARDEN! SEATTLE!

Sorry. That just came out of me. Embarrassing.

The show will focus on two aging parents whose son foregoes Harvard to start a tech company out of their garage. HE DOESN’T MIRROR THEIR SLACKER IDEALS!

Shit. That’s twice now. My fault entirely.

I’m going to cut this short before another outburst takes place, but let me end by saying that this series does actually have potential if and only if…CHRIS CORNELL! MOSH PIT! POSEUR!

I’m sorry. I have to go.

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