The upcoming NBC show "Wonder Woman" promises to have an invisible airplane, bulletproof bracelets, and girl-on-girl combat. And now, it also promises to have Cary Elwes, who was most recently seen in a nearly unrecognizably bearded state in No Strings Attached. Here's the deal with his "Wonder Woman" character:
"Elwes will play Henry Detmer, the acting CEO of Themyscira Industries, who is deeply devoted to Diana. He runs the day-to-day operations of the company and acts like an uncle to Diana, though he could be a possible love interest down the line."

"A possible love interest down the line"!? No. NO. I refuse to allow for the possibility of doughy Cary Elwes making it with Wonder Woman. Or maybe instead I should take a hopeful attitude of "if he can do it, I can." Cary Elwes: The Ron Jeremy of "Wonder Woman." (via Deadline)