I'm not complaining about Cameron Crowe doing a Showtime comedy about touring rock bands – it's what he does best. But that doesn't mean I won't make fun of him for going back to that time-tested well again and again. And again. Then once more after that.

Crowe is on board to write and direct the pilot episode of Roadies on the premium cable network. The show will be a comedy that follows around a fictional rock band while touring through the U.S. It's a pretty ripe premise, as Spinal Tap has demonstrated. And Crowe has proven that he can walk the line dividing reverence and ridicule very well, so let's get excited about this.

Roadies will be an ensemble comedy, but no word on who will be starring. Fortunately, there are probably a million good choices, so let's not just ask Patrick Fugit to join without weighing all our options.