There's nothing like a career meltdown to really open your mind. In horribly unsurprising news, GLAAD has announced that Brett Ratner has signed on to helm a PSA spot for a campaign that will feature "celebrities, athletes, musicans, and politicians 'coming out out of the closet' to support equality." I'm guessing this means that celebs will "come out" in support of gay rights, rather than as gays themselves.

Ratner will be producing and directing the spot for GLAAD after getting booted from directing the Oscars after offhandedly saying "rehearsing is for fags" at a Q&A session.

I don't think I'm being cynical when I say that this is a hopelessly transparent move that I'm a little surprised GLAAD is going along with. I suppose forgiveness is the name of their game, but would it kill them to make Ratner twist in the wind for another year or two before letting him off the hook? Sure, he may be genuinely repentant, but why not make an example of him?

It's like I always say: The best thing to do with Brett Ratner is to make an example of him.

That's what my tattoo says.