Bret McKenzie And Fox Are Producing A Cartoon About NASA

Wednesday, October 30 by
Not pictured: Other Guy 

Bret McKenzie, known to most of the world as 50% of Flight of the Conchords, is a buy man, and he just got a little busier. News today is that he’s producing an animated series about NASA for Fox, and no doubt it will contain the Conchords‘ brand of off-beat David Bowie humor, allowing Fox to break free of Seth MacFarlane‘s reign of terror over Sunday night animated fare.

Just kidding. MacFarlane’s ok.

To ensure that it’s USDA-certified “Offbeat,” the show will also get two King of the Hill writers to tell the tale of a space center in Boulder, CO that’s on the brink of closing. Yup. Quirky as all get-out.

It wasn’t specified that McKenzie will voice a character on the show, but, c’mon. It’s a cartoon. He’s gone this far. Spend the fifteen minutes per week to give the show your voice, Bret.

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