"Breaking Bad" recently finished up a creatively astounding third season on AMC, and left me wanting so badly I wouldn't be above breaking stuff to get a resolution to the nail-biting cliffhanger. Looks like I shouldn't be expecting answers anytime soon though. Screen Junkies caught up with series creator/exec-producer/creative genius Vince Gilligan on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards last night, and he shared with us some of his plans for Season Four of "Breaking Bad," including its tentative return date. 


The new schedule for next season:
“We are going to get back in the room in early July and we’re looking forward to doing that. We’re going to go back on the air in I think July of 2011 so it’s a little ways off but we’ve got a lot of lead time to hopefully make the best show we can make.”
That means extra time writing in preproduction:
“It’s going to be a lot more pre/writing time which is very good for us."
And the plot's not set yet:
"I could be coy and say I can’t say that because it’s top secret, but the truth is I don’t really know yet. We’re going to kind of make it up as we go along. I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in there but we do try to do our show sort of like, I like to think of it, and I’m not musician, but I like to think of it as freeform jazz. We sort of like to improvise sort of like jazz musicians do."
And don't worry about the themes:
“I try not to think in terms of broad themes too much because it has a tendency to get in the way of good fun storytelling. So we don’t think in terms of themes. We let the audience tell us what we’re writing about thematically.”

I don't want to go into details about season three's conclusion for fear of pissing off the people who still have it DVR'd, but let's just say next season the sh*t is really going to hit the fan. It's hard to comprehend that anymore could possibly hit the fan, but they're going to have to get a bigger fan and a bigger sh*t for season four to top last season. One year of frustration ahead until ou thirst is satiated.

If you haven't seen AMC's look ahead for Season Four, check it out below. It's just the cast riffing on what they think might happen, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Source: Fred Topel