‘Breaking Bad’ Got Its Highest Ratings Ever Last Night

Monday, August 12 by
Smile, Walt!!! 

That shouldn’t really come as a surprise, considering how much press its been getting for the past six months or so, but what is impressive is those viewers didn’t just tune into their first episode last night. Rather, due to the shows very serial nature, every new viewer for the final season presumably has watched the entire series up to that point. It’s not like when we tuned into the last episode of The Office and had no idea who hell all those people were.

The show was only up 2% from the season premiere a few months ago (It’s tough to discuss “seasons” when there’s an eight-month gap in the middle of them.) But we can expect those numbers to grow over the next few days.

It’s the best show on TV, and to the people discovering it now, welcome to the family. It ends in seven weeks.

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