I'm not even surprised that there's a show called I Slept with a Celebrity being shopped around, and I'm certainly no surprised that the guy producing it, Andy Cohen, was formerly Bravo's head of development.

If anything, I'm surprised that a half-hour "reality" show about two regular ole' folks who banged the same entertainer. I wonder if they'll have me on the show to talk about the time I slept with Kate Moss on Nicolas Sarkozy's yacht. I mean, I was totally drunk when it happened, but I don't regret a thing.

I was young!

Anyway, the show will have two people dish about some celebrity that they fucked. How will we know that they're telling the truth. We won't. But that's okay, because we don't care.

The show will be shopped first to the NBCU networks like E! and Bravo, then it won't be shopped any more because one of those two networks will definitely take it.

Oh, and here's a delightful comment from the original Deadline article that pretty sums up all of our feelings towards this show: