Bravo Getting Further Into Non-Reality TV With ‘Moguls’

Tuesday, December 11 by
This article is going to make fun of Bravo. "Watch What Happens." 

After having ordered two other pilots, it’s looking like Bravo is serious about shifting focus from trashy reality TV to trashy scripted TV.

They are doing God’s work.

Most recently, they found a couple writers to pen the script for Moguls, which the network has deemed of the ilkĀ of a West Wing-type Sorkin show, which means…it’s aspirational?

The writers, Charles Randolph and Sharyn Rothstein are the team behind Love and Other Drugs, a film that I hated, but everyone else seemed to love. Coincidentally, “Charles Randolph” is the name under which I make my restaurant reservations when I know I’m going to walk the check. So never accomodate any “Charles Randolph,” just to be safe.

Anyway, Bravo, scripted TV, Aaron Sorkin, entertainment people finally take an opportunity to glamorize themselves…those are the big takeaways here.


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