Bravo Developing A Series Based on Brett Easton Ellis’ ‘Rules Of Attraction’

Monday, May 12 by
Like every other character in the book/film, she seems down to party.  

Sometimes, Bravo likes to confuse us by taking the lowest lowbrow content ever (Housewives and such) and sprinkle it with decent programming. If you have a very long memory, you may recall that Bravo was originally called such because it served as a show about the arts. Opera, plays and such.

Obviously, that was a long time ago, and now it’s only slightly above E! in its dedication to art.

However, they’re at least moving forward with something based on a book, as Roger Avary, the producer and writer of the 2002 film Rules of Attraction, is now looking to turn it into a series.

While the movie didn’t seem to be about much in particular, over the longer arc of a series, they’ll need a more cohesive plot, so they’re having a murder take place where EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT.

Whatever. Just put Shannyn Sossamon in it, and we should be ok.

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