Superman rescues mini zombie. It doesn't matter why.

Since being picked up for series, casting news for Frank Darabont's television adaptation of The Walking Dead has been trickling in. We already know that Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal are on-board to play Officer Rick Grimes and his partner Shane. Today there is a rumor that Brandon Routh will also join the cast in an unspecified role. This one is actually believable. Routh's career is on an uptick as of late with a recent role on "Chuck" and one in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim. But who will he play?

We conducted a very scientific poll to find out which character he will most likely play.

  • 10% of people believe he will play Glenn
  • 12% of people believe he will play Billy Greene
  • 13% of people believe he will play a brand new character
  • 64% of people believe he will play Boyishly Handsome Zombie #3
  • 1% of people are undecided

We'll keep you posted as this story develops if only because that fancy polling equipment cost us a sh*t-ton. (Bloody Disgusting)