This weekend was one of the worst weekends in box office history, which could mean one of several things. Either you're all:

A) Too busy leading glorious lives and enjoying every moment to its fullest.

B) Too broke because you spent all of your money on Dark Knight tickets and gas.

C) Acutally, it was probably B so there will be no more choices.

Here are some links.

In case you missed last week's premiere of FX's biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, it's available all nice and legally over at Hulu.(Hulu)

Why won't the MPAA stop picking on poor Kevin Smith? They'll let Mama Mia attack our eyeballs and eardrums at the same time but they won't let big K put out a decent movie poster? For shame. (I Watch Stuff)

Ex-member of Onyx, Sticky Fingaz has gone and made a hip hop musical that will be the best hip hop musical since Trapped in the Closet. Well, maybe the second best. (Film Drunk)

Will Smith gets a promotion from Fesh Prince to Pharaoh in a movie about an ancient Egyptian emperor. Maybe he can get DJ Jazzy Jeff a supporting role as some kind of pyramid or something. (Movie Hole)

John Carpenter's horror classic, The Thing done by some bored guys on the cheap. I don't know where they get the motivation to make this stuff. When I'm not working I'm either eating, crapping or sleeping...or some combination of the three. (Movie-Moron)