Bonus Features: Monday Afternoon Link Brigade

Monday, September 15 by

Tonight is the season four finale of Weeds and I am extremely excited. This has been the best season in a while and reports are that Mary Louise Parker gets more naked than ever tonight. 10 PM can’t come soon enough. But, to help kill company time until then, here are some extra-fancy links and a few pictures of Mary to ease the pain.

Check out the trailer for the Vince Vaughn movie, Four Christmases, which will probably not be money and won’t even know it, baby. In its defense, there’s no way it can be worse than Fred Clause (Film Drunk)

This is the second best 1-man re-enactment of The Big Lebowski I have ever seen. (College Humor)

These Merrill Lynch commercials seem funny now that our economy has completely exploded. (Wall Street Fighter)

Spike Lee tries his hardest to hurt Judd Apatow’s feelings. Luckily, Judd’s enormous wads of cash should soften the blow. (Slash Film)


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