Bob Odenkirk Doesn’t Extinguish ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Rumors, Gets Our Hopes Way Up

Tuesday, November 6 by
I hope the show is titled, 'Calling Saul' and features David Boreanz in a supporting role.  

Though a Saul Goodman spinoff was addressed by Vince Gilligan months ago, it’s nice to have someone¬†occasionally fanning the flames, especially when it’s none other than Saul himself, Bob Odenkirk.

When asked about the existence of rumors of the spinoff, Odenkirk told the A.V. Club‘s Sean O’Neal, “Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. But don’t put it on the Internet. I certainly don’t count on it; it’s showbiz.”

To clarify, it sounds like the “yeah, yeah” is just a nod to the rumors, not DEFINITIVE PROOF THAT THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND THAT BREAKING BAD WILL NEVER DIE!

The very fact that he didn’t punch the interviewer in the face and scream “LIES!” is reason enough for me to start jackin’ up the ole’ expectations. And you should too.

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