Bob Costas’ Oozing Eyes Cause Meredith Viera To An Olympic Pioneer

Friday, February 14 by
In her downtime, Meredith enjoys participating in age-inappropriate back-to-school ads.  

Move over, Matt Lauer. You are not wanted here. You don’t break ground; you are just like a different, softer version of Costas. We need someone who’s going to shake things up while Bobby C gets his corneas drained.


Meredith Viera, best known for being a warm, but stern pragmatist on every channel of daytime television, will be taking her talents to Sochi as she subs in for Pinkeye, becoming the first woman to host the Olympic Games. Well, cities host the Olympic Games, not people, but she’ll be hosting the Olympic Games studio show for NBC, which is FAR less impressive, but still something outlets keep bringing up, because people click on Olympics stories, no matter how contrived. *Wink*

Speaking of grossly tedious Olympic news, Costas’ eyes are getting better, but are still very sensitive to light, so if you’ve been looking to prank Bob Costas with a flashlight, now is your chance.

(Please don’t shine a flashlight in Bob Costas face. He’s done nothing to you.)

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